José Tomás Pérez

04/19/2023, 1:19 PM
hello to everyone! <!channel> Is there a way to free up some space in the self hosted? I already have my job runs in no more than 5 and I don't have heavy files. But still cannot free the space, is there a command to run or something else to delete??

Rick Lamers

04/21/2023, 1:57 PM
@José Tomás Pérez container images likely are consuming the most files. Do you have access to the local container image registry (
docker image ls

José Tomás Pérez

04/24/2023, 2:14 PM
@Max Moreno aquí Rick nos da un tip

Allan Sene

04/26/2023, 4:27 PM
docker system prune
should help. It removes all dangling Docker images and other stuff that can be taking some space there