10/10/2022, 8:57 AM
📣 Hi <!everyone>! The Orchest community is growing, and we decided it was a good moment to make some changes to the channels of our public Slack workspace to make it more organized and useful for everyone. The new channel structure is this one: #announcements (this channel) will be read-only and we will use it to make announcements about Orchest, our newsletter, and any other thing 😮rchest: related. it is also where the @GitHub bot will automatically publish the releases (we release early and often!) #tech-support will be the preferred channel for technical support questions: how to install Orchest, how to use it, bug reporting, and feature requests ⚙️ #introduce-yourself will still be the preferred channel for new community members to introduce themselves and say how they discovered Orchest and what exciting pipelines they want to orchestrate 🚀 #be-shameless will be the preferred channel for sharing shameless plugs. you can tell us about your project, your company, the new blog post you wrote - anything that you want to promote! #random will be for, well, #random things - not necessarily related to pipelines, data engineering, or mlops at all. memes and interesting content are highly encouraged! hope you enjoy the new channels, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!
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