09/27/2022, 3:53 PM
Release - v2022.09.6 New release published by yannickperrenet What's Changed Improvements 👷 • fix: Hide job status alert when editing a recurring Job. by @iannbing in #1291 • Fix: You get navigated back into JupyterLab on load by @mausworks in #1279 • Don't autostart sessions for job runs by @mausworks in #1286 • fix: Unable to create a file in /data folder by @iannbing in #1293 • Update images in docs to use new UI by @yannickperrenet in #1298 • fix: PipelineLogs should show all steps. by @iannbing in #1296 • Clear step logs on interactive run request by @fruttasecca in #1294 • Expanded canvas: the simple solution. by @mausworks in #1300 • Fix - k8s for docker for desktop support by @fruttasecca in #1290 • Display the "no steps" empty state when no steps have been created but there are scripts available by @mausworks in #1295 • Show dialog when session is stopping and you open JupyterLab by @mausworks in #1304 • Disable "run incoming" if there are no incoming by @mausworks in #1308 Full Changelog: v2022.09.5...v2022.09.6 orchest/orchest
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