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Mayara Marinho

10/13/2022, 3:35 PM
Another issue, I tried to use the new version of Orchest a few days ago, but the build just keep loading and doesn't finish. How can I fix it?


10/13/2022, 4:01 PM
hi @Mayara Marinho! are you using the open source version? when you say "the build", you mean the containers building during the installation process, or something else?

Mayara Marinho

10/13/2022, 5:07 PM
Yes @juanlu, the open source version
with Interprise licence. I mean the environment build, where we can choose a base image and add a setup script. I tried again to record it, but now the build finish and the following error appears when I try to use the kernel:
HTTP 500: Internal Server Error (Error attempting to connect to Gateway server url '<http://jupyter-eg-e4fd61e1-cfee-426a0bee97bf-8b41-4d2e:8888/jupyter-server-e4fd61e1-cfee-426a0bee97bf-8b41-4d2e>'.  Ensure gateway url is valid and the Gateway instance is running.)


10/13/2022, 7:12 PM
@Alexsander Pereira Is this the same issue you were facing?
Long thread: Not sure whether the issue was ever resolved?

Rick Lamers

10/14/2022, 1:15 PM
@Mayara Marinho could you show us the
? Perhaps the environment modifications explain the kernel start failure

Mayara Marinho

10/17/2022, 3:44 PM
@Rick Lamers It seems that some things needed to be updated in our version, I'll see if this problem will remain after that and if so I'll open this thread again, thank you for the support