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Alexsander Pereira

10/18/2022, 3:13 PM
I'm trying to deploy Orchest on an r5.large and in this new version I'm having CPU limit issues, can anyone help me?
In previous versions I was able to install Orchest normally.
Could you give me an idea how to solve this?
image (1).png


10/18/2022, 3:29 PM
Seems like the r5.large instance only has 2vCPUs. For certain Orchest services we set CPU requests, just like k8s does for some of its core services (as can be seen in your screenshot). The requests we set are to ensure a properly running Orchest deployment. The problem you are facing is that the machine does not have enough CPUs available for all the CPU requests and thus does not schedule Pods that would exceed the 2CPU (you can’t overallocate). Thus you can either: not run Velero and others so that Orchest fits on 2CPUs, or upgrade to a larger instance (or remove the CPU requests from Velero, although I would recommend against that).
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Hope that helps ;)