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Allan Sene

07/13/2022, 9:26 PM
Hi, guys! We've being trying Orchest k8s version here, but we want to migrate the work that we built on top a previous version
(deployed using docker-compose). Do you have a guide for this migration? Is there a script to do this? Or can we just suppose that if we migrate all the files - including those
everything will work fine?


07/14/2022, 7:30 AM
Hi @Allan Sene :) That is a great question. @Jacopo is actually working on a script for our Cloud instances to migrate from an "Orchest Docker version" to an "Orchest Kubernetes version". The caveat however, is that a full migration (in the sense that after running the script everything is ported and fully runs, e.g. jobs) is not possible due to some architectural changes. Luckily, migrating all files should work just fine! Including the
files. Once we have all the details we will write up a guide to do such a migration yourself and will add it to our docs here. The rough details of the guide will be: ā€¢ Copy over your project files ā€¢ Use these lines of code to create new draft jobs with the same configurations as your existing jobs.
I hope that answers your question. In case you need any help with the migration, then please don't hesitate and just shoot us a message šŸ˜‰


07/14/2022, 7:42 AM
Hi @Allan Sene, to add to what @Yannick said, if you need to migrate now a migration to k8s Orchest that only includes the content of the
directory can be done by copying their content into the right places, then projects, pipelines, environments etc. will be picked up. However you will need to rebuild environments, reset environment variables, recreate and reconfigure jobs etc. For example, if you plan to run k8s Orchest on minikube with the docker driver you could copy the content of the data and projects directories of pre-k8s Orchest into the host file-system paths that docker is using as volumes, e.g.: ā€¢
Other k8s-flavor independent solutions might include doing an rsync or scp into the
pod since it has access to the
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Rick Lamers

07/14/2022, 10:17 AM
@Allan Sene let me know if you want to jump on a call to discuss any of these details šŸ™‚ Just send a DM
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Allan Sene

07/14/2022, 3:29 PM
Great, guys! We will try to come up with some scripting to do this. If it works, we will share with you and contribute with this piece of docs. Thanks!
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