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11/10/2021, 8:52 AM
Another feedback from non-pro 🙂 I see 2 things left for orchest io to be recommendable to everyone even now (maybe these are already there, as I`m not proficient with jupyter, more a VS Code user (it has some support of Jupyter though)). Maybe we could add VS Code and then all the problems would have been solved (or give access to instance - then we can install it) 1. Work with git (I`m not sure how to do that right now with my private repos so just thrown a directory and working with it and backing it up - super unsafe) 2. Code completions - idk what is the best way to make them working and if its even possible, missing multiline select in VS Code, especially needed to adjust python lines 🙂

Rick Lamers

11/10/2021, 8:56 AM
Great that you’re sharing feedback. Both are actually supported 🙌🏻 But we obviously aren’t doing a great job exposing it. 1. For Git you can use the JupyterLab git extension that’s pre-installed for a graphical git experience. Or use the built in terminal of JupyterLab and the git command. Adding a private key to JupyterLab can be done in the settings: Configure JupyterLab 2. JupyterLab has built in code completion when you’re using notebooks. But we also support VS Code for editing code in Orchest. Just add it as a service and you’ll be able to use autocomplete it offers too.


11/10/2021, 8:59 AM
Okay, like I suspected, its there. Running separate service is not as good as it takes precious RAM I guess... WIll try to make it work with jupyter 🙂
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