08/27/2021, 6:33 PM
This is how the pipeline is going so far 😄 🛠️ It extracts information from our prod database, transform it using pandas and then pushing it to a Snowflake database. Besides passing dataframes from step to step using
it also stores the information in the
folder to be accesible by other projects. I’m planning in adding a ML step to augment this information (like churn detection or sentiment analysis). What’s been difficult for me so far is: • Moving around the “map”. As you can see the pipeline is too big for my screen and can’t move it around. • Hiding sensitive environment variables is something desired • More documentation on what’s required to set up a custom environment would be great. An example would be useful. • Turn off a session after some time to avoid wasting resources. • Documentation on how to push projects into a a GitHub repositories. It was not obvious to me, and I want to be mindful not to break anything. • Sometimes when creating a new step I can’t type the letter
in Title or File path. • Snapping ability Those things aside, it’s been really a pleasure working with it and none of the complexities I mention before have stopped me from enjoying the framework in it’s alpha stage 🙂

Rick Lamers

08/27/2021, 7:33 PM
Hi Fran! Thanks for your exhaustive feedback. It’s great to hear where there are still small areas of improvement and how you’re making use of what is in the product today. • Moving like I shared is through Space bar + click + drag (we should make this more discoverable!) • We want to add the ability to mark certain keys as sensitive such that they display as password fields • We are working on this. There’s a bit of refactoring required but this will be documented and easier soon. • Great idea! I always manually shut them down to avoid unnecessary resource consumption. We need to figure out the right shutdown point but I’m certain we can come up with something clever. • The git/GitHub integration is indeed a bit too hidden. We’re going to make it more integrated and improve on the documentation for it. • That’s a bug! Should be fixed in the latest release actually • We want to add snapping (perhaps as a toggleable option) and autolayout algorithms. Good that you mention it. Thanks again for being here in the early days. It helps us improve the product that much more quickly 👏🏻🎉


08/28/2021, 1:27 AM
Autolayout would be super sweet. Thank you for the space bar + click to drag it, I didn’t know about it! Thanks for the thorough response. I’m happy to collaborate at least with feedback to help shape up the platform 🙂
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