Rick Lamers

06/11/2021, 3:28 PM
Super exciting news! Services are now available on the latest stable release. Read more about this new feature 👇
📣 This release introduces a major new feature to Orchest: Services 
Services allow you to easily integrate your favorite data science applications without any hassle. Simply use one of the existing service templates to add to your Orchest pipeline:
- TensorBoard
- Streamlit
- PostgreSQL
- Redis
- and even VS Code!
After adding a service to a pipeline it will show up in your pipeline editor (see attached image).
If you want to start exploring services, simply import the 
 project to Orchest. Make sure you upgrade Orchest to the latest version by running: 
./orchest update
We can't wait to see what ideas you come up with 🤩!
You can find more details in the Services docs, including how to set up your own custom services.
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