# announcements

Rick Lamers

02/22/2021, 8:49 PM
Hi everyone, a new release is waiting for you all! v0.9.0 Most importantly, we finally have proper support for URL based navigation in Orchest. Read all about in the release notes:
We are very proud of this release and we call it: The Big One¬†ūüĒ•.
This release introduces a massive new feature to Orchest: full URL deep linking support. Easy back/forward browser navigation to open the right views in your browser. Reloading the URL and directly opening the right view. Furthermore, environment build dependent actions (e.g. running a job, or interactive pipeline editing) are more automated: no more hard choices to make when builds complete.
In addition, we now support running an exhaustive debug dump using the simple 
orchest debug
 command. This will make troubleshooting much easier for both the users & developers. Many tests were added to the 
 test suite for much improved reliability thanks mainly to @fruttasecca.
Finally, many smaller bug fixes and performance improvements were added. Have fun building in Orchest!