Rick Lamers

02/09/2021, 1:14 PM
A new release! v0.8.0 We introduce the concept of Environment variables. Read more about in the release notes below:
This release introduces the concept of Environment variables 📇 to Orchest! With its introduction we're deprecating and removing Data sources.
We've been testing Orchest and listening to feedback 📣. As a result we discovered everybody handles data sources slightly differently in their workflow. We want Orchest to be helpful, but allow for flexibility in for example the choice of the data source connector (e.g. Python offers various Postgres database connectors).
Environment variables allow for simple and effective secret passing (e.g. hostnames, passwords, usernames) to make it easy to connect and configure your favorite data sources.
In addition, this release includes many UI/UX improvements. Such as a dedicated project settings pane, and a cleaned up job pane.
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