Rick Lamers

02/02/2021, 1:01 PM
Hi all, we have another exciting release. This time it includes a feature proposed by @howie hu. In addition we added JupyterLab config persistence, to make sure you can safely customize your code/notebook editor to your liking. Here's the release note:
This release brings some great quality of life 💎 features!
For those of you that prefer configuring your IDEs to your liking (🕶️ dark mode anyone?) - with this release we make JupyterLab configuration persistent. In addition to user config (settings you modify in the JupyterLab Settings pane) we also make client side JupyterLab extensions persistent. Support for server side extensions will be added later.
@howie6879 pointed out that it would be nice to have pipeline parameters. It would alleviate the need to repeat yourself in pipeline steps for global pipeline level parameterization. Hence, you can now configure pipeline parameters 🥳. Thanks @howie6879! Pipeline parameters can also be overridden for scheduled jobs.
In addition, some minor logging, performance, and UI improvements were made.
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