Salomon DION

02/14/2023, 7:19 AM
Hello ! I'm trying to deploy orchest on GKE without sucess. Can anyone helps me or suggest me a better way to deploy orchest ?


02/14/2023, 8:06 AM
Hi @Salomon DION 👋 Did you follow the installation instructions for GKE from our docs? (link). The easiest way to deploy Orchest (if you don't have extensive Kubernetes experience) is to install Orchest on minikube. You can find these instructions in the docs as well (under Linux minikube>). If you are planning to host Orchest on a cloud VM, then you will need to run a reverse proxy to expose it as well (link to docs). Hope that helps!

Salomon DION

02/15/2023, 1:34 PM
Thank you @Yannick, I'll check that out.
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